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2018 Mailers Forum - Sessions

2018 Speakers and Topics



TRACK 1 - 8:30am & 1:00pm
TRACK 2 - 10:00am & 2:30pm
Creating a Successful Informed Delivery Campaign Informed Visibility
The New Enterprise Payment System MailerScorecard and Assessments
Automate Before It's Too Late: PostalOne! Transactions and All Mail Processes Haptic Brain/Haptic Brand—A Communicator’s Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch
Planning for 2019: Knowns, Unknowns, and Possible Predictions Your ROI Is In The Mail



Creating a Successful Informed Delivery Campaign

David Lewis, Snailworks

An in-depth presentation on what Informed Delivery is – including new program developments – and how you can use it to make your mail more effective.

Topics Covered:

  • Defining Informed Delivery;
  • How Informed Delivery makes mail better;
  • Adding your ads to the informed delivery email;
  • How to build an Informed Delivery campaign;
  • The future of Informed Delivery

The New Enterprise Payment System

Leanne Herman, R. R. Donnelley

The new USPS Enterprise Payment System (EPS) is here and ready for you. This session will introduce EPS and cover steps to creating an Enterprise Payment Account, accessing the EPS all from an industry perspective. Also covered will be tips on accessing functionality, reporting, and Informed Visibility (IV) data.

Automate Before It’s Too Late: PostalOne! Transactions and All Mail Processes

Jeff Peoples, WindowBook

As the cost of computing keeps shrinking, and the value of human effort increases, you can’t afford not to automate tedious, repetitive tasks in your mailing operation. This session gives you a sneak peak at the future of technology, as well as real life scenarios where you can automate your PostalOne! transactions and other tasks in your mailing operation. More importantly, you’ll find out why you need to automate these tasks NOW and not procrastinate!

Planning for 2019: Knowns, Unknowns, and Possible Predictions

Bob Schimek, Quadient

Looking ahead to 2019, unfortunately more is unknown than known, about critical postal items that will impact the entire industry. However, we all still have businesses to run, plans to make, and goals and objectives to set.

  • What is the status of Postal Governors?
  • Will there be a price change?
  • Will there be promotions?
  • What is going on with the PRC 10-year rate review?
  • What impact will the Presidential Postal Task Force have on possible legislation?

We will discuss these and a variety of other postal topics that will have an impact on your business in the coming year.

Informed Visibility

Angelo Anagnostopoulos, GrayHair Software

Informed Visibilty (IV) allows users to see where their mail is in near real time. Learn just what IV is, how it was developed, and how you can use it to further your business mail..

MailerScorecard and Assessments

Randy Workman, USPS HQ

The Mailers Scorecard is a valuable tool to monitor your mail quality. This presentation will take you through an in-depth view of the Scorecard, how to use, and a discussion of understanding where assessments come from and how to mitigate them.

Haptic Brain/Haptic Brand—A Communicator’s Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch

David Sullivan, Sappi North America

More than half the human brain is devoted to processing sensory experiences. Touch, in particular, is an important part of the communication process. The way we understand and interpret the world is fundamentally rooted in our physical bodies. So, how things feel drives our thoughts and behaviors, influences our comprehension and retention of information, and profoundly shapes our emotional connections. Haptic Brain/Haptic Brand looks at communication through the lens of neuroscience, exploring how media shapes the brain and, consequently, the way a brand is perceived. This new publication examines haptics—the study of how our sense of touch shapes what we think, and explores the science that explains why haptic brains respond so well to haptic brands. Through profiles of companies that have built deep emotional connections by integrating touchable media into branded communications, Haptic Brain/Haptic Brand offers inspiration and education to designers, marketers and brand owners, and shares guiding principles for all to use as touch points.

Your ROI Is In The Mail

Bob Klaas, Tower Marketing

The presentation explains why ROI (Return on Investment) is an important metric in measuring the success of a direct mail program. Potential users of direct mail sometimes look at the expense of direct mail and don't try it. This session show how direct mail very often offers a better return on investment than other less expensive media. We’ll also discuss multi-channel marketing (Informed Delivery, prospect emails, banner ads, etc.) and how they have the potential to further improve the direct mail programs ROI.

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