PCC Week 2020


Greater Illinois Postal Customer Council

About the Greater Illinois PCC

The Greater Illinois Postal Customer Council is a collaboration to sponsor the annual Chicago Mailer’s Forum made up of the three Northern Illinois Postal Customer Councils:

The Chicago PCC

The Northern Illinois PCC

The South Suburban PCC

Each PCC provides resources and volunteer members to make the Chicago Mailer’s Forum the largest regional mailing event in the Chicagoland area.

In addition, the GIPCC is supported by the USPS Great Lakes Area Office, and district leadership and staff from Chicago District, Central Illinois District, and the Lakeland District.

2020 GIPCC Steering Committee

Postal Co-Chair  Industry Co-Chair Treasurer

Tangela Bush

 Randy Slone

Thomas Luczkowiak


 Industry USPS
Karen Fraticola Gregory Johnson
Mike Cracraft Deborah Woodrum
Dennis MacHarg Linda Bergeland
Marion Vranek Beverly Howard
  Sean Hargadon
  Antoinette Lewis
  Quinten Mayberry
  Gayla Mitchell
  Johnny Morris
  Levita Robinson
  Elizabeth Wulf
  Janice Nelson
  Regina Aikens

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